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Now, let's look at the case of Outcome #1.
The ethical norm of Reciprocity becomes the penal norm when it is violated.
And he arose and went into the house, and he poured the oil on his head and said to him, "Thus says the Lord, the God of Israel, 'I have anointed you king over the people of the Lord, even over Israel.They pour forth words, they speak arrogantly; 4 All who do wickedness vaunt themselves.Tough position to be in, I would think.There are a couple of other issues to mention here before I wrap this section up: There are other theological avenues which might be worth investigating, but this should be enough for our purposes.However, the biblical data suggests that purple bus coupon code the sin's moral ugliness is much more pervasive and polluting than we might suspect.The Lord appears in many 'vengeance' contexts to play this role of 'community agent' or 'kinsman avenger'.Your friend's questions are quite thoughtful, and although there are many issues involved in this short section, the central one is that of the necessity of God's being good (which included being trustworthly and just) in His dealing with moral creatures."Reward and Punishment" "And just as the omnipotence of God was limited in the moral kingdom by his holiness or righteousness-so in the natural world it was limited by his wisdom.
The importance of appropriate moral response to moral actions (good or bad) is literally intrinsic in God.
But under new leadership, the FCC has removed these regulations, threatening to end the web as we know.
They both claim to be Just and Merciful, but One (God "A forgives evil (upon repentance etc.) without any requirement for punishment, essentially not requiring/fulfilling Justice in those cases-only Mercy/Pardon.Perhaps making Forgiveness "B" stand out in relief a little more-something like the difference between 'an Easy Forgiveness' and 'an Expensive-to God-Forgiveness maybe?.just a thought question for those interested in such things.(there's a theological prize hiding in that question for those who think through ile).Why would we be surprised that the justice of God would do the same at the last Judgment?If I destructively cut off my arm in a fit of self-anger, He doesn't grow that back when I approach Him for reconciliation and re-instatement.Half the time the suggestions are not even strongly conceivable, and conceivability is not related to possibility anywaysee Conceivability as a test for Possibility, by Paul Tidman, American Philosophical Quarterly, 31:4, Oct 94, pp297-308 I can grieve at every documented case in which God had.As legislator, He actually is not engaged/interacting with citizens, but rather formulating (or in this case, defining-by-His-character) laws, and establishing rewards/punishments designed to promote truth, beauty, good, purity, agents."Why is something good actually good?"-"because that's what 'good' means" (there is no appeal to a third thing).Likewise, the affirmation of God by the creature is not to 'bribe God nor to 'position oneself relative to future blessings etc.-the affirmation occurs in the simple choosing of the good-because-its-like-God.Let me just repeat the above points here, before we glance at what 'flexibility' God might have in dispensing justice: One: God's justice (relative to punishing sin with the stated consequences) is generally related to the anger, wrath, or "hatred" of God in the Bible.What incredible kindness, to construct such a God-costly plan to reconcile me to Himself, without compromising my confidence in His moral integrity!

You see, it's easy here.
Maybe nothingmaybe that's why we have to have a New Heavens and a New Earthevil has worm-holed this one to near nothingness?
God (as do other community members) expects us to fulfill our part in supporting, developing, and enjoying community life.