The only thing you'll have to pay for, if you're so inclined, is the pretty awesome new High Stakes Outfit, which you can see here.
But the rewards will get better the higher the rank.
The numbers will need A LOT of tweaking.
What this means is that this event is free-to-play for all.In any case, we'll update you on when exactly this mode goes live soon.Should frequent winners be able to earn exclusive items through playing the game?Anyway, you get 5 wins and you are now rank.Epic Games, fortnite: Battle Royale is Epic Games take on the wildly popular battle royale genre.You get 10 wins you become rank.
Unfortunately, winning divvy gift certificate a second time still keeps the umbrella for you.
This is a very rough idea but Id love to hear some feedback!Another compromise could be to reward players with a small amount of V-Bucks for each win, though this seems unlikely to happen as its in Epics best interest to keep desirable cosmetics locked behind a paywall.Check out this preview of The Getaway here.The biggest difference between the two titles is the ability to craft.Challenge 2Credit: Epic Games.A shop available exclusively to those who get frequent Victory Royales would be a good way to motivate people to play even more.Much of the games design and influence can be attributed.