After placing your bets, you need to go to your 'Betslip'.
For example, if the handicap is Leicester -1 and the match finishes Leicester 1-0 Newcastle, in the eyes of the bookmaker that would be a 0-0 draw.
Your Guide for placing a Win-Draw-Win Bet.How to place a bet, let's take a look at what you need to do to place a bet on the win draw win market.This is one of the most popular markets on the entire betting exchange.Typically, handicap options will go up to -3 and 3, which are particularly useful if a major club is playing a minnow and you expect an easy win.This is due to the fact that you are.As soon as you have decided which team you want to bet on - or if you have selected the draw - click on your chosen option to place your bet.In this example, if the result is a 1-0 win to Leicester, the -0.5 part of the bet would be a winner, but the -1 section would be a loser.
We review feedback on a regular basis discount office supplies uk to improve our service.Click here to check out our full guide to Asian handicap betting.If you are betting you need to know what you are going to be winning!So if your bet is 10, 5 will go on -0.5 and 5 will go on Leicester -1.Thanks for your feedback.Put simply, win draw win (known as 'Match Odds' on Betfair) is backing one of the teams involved in a fixture to win the game, or for the match to end in a draw.

If Newcastle United win, then your bet on Leicester City is a loser.
Your bet is then placed and you see all the bets you have placed by clicking on the my bets button in the top-right of any page on Betfair.
Click on the 'Place Bets' button.