who win french election

A readout of the gp bikes discount code first call between the French president-elect and the British prime minister said May called Macron to notre dame football win loss records warmly congratulate him on his election victory.
Age Age was a key dividing line in the UKs EU referendum and the US presidential election, with younger voters overwhelmingly backing Remain and Hillary Clinton respectively, but in France that pattern was turned on its head.
The reverberations of the result.Life expectancy, the vote for Macron was higher in regions where people tend to live longer.So, who is Emmanuel Macron?This was also true in the UKs EU referendum, where analysis suggested lower income voters were more likely to vote Leave.She was only able to win in communes where at least.7 per cent of workers hold blue-collar jobs, and fared much better than Macron in communes where large proportions of the labour force are in unskilled roles.Working-class voters have become central to Ms Le Pens narrative and manual labourers in particular are often seen as having been left behind by the establishment or as victims of globalisation.In 2016 is that the trailing candidate ended up winning in the.S.Photograph: pool/Reuters French president-elect Emmanuel Macron delivers a speech in front of the Pyramid at the Louvre Museum in Paris on May 7, 2017.However, the FTs analysis of the result has showed the reality may be more complex.While, donald Trump has been quick to congratulate Macron, it is worth noting that last month he said.And it didnt hold up in France: There was no systematic bias in the polling against the far-right candidate (Le Pen).
In fact, when luxury housewarming gift ideas the idea of a shy voter was originally formed in 1992, it had nothing to do with right-wing populists.You can find much more information about your privacy choices in our privacy policy.The polls leading up to the contest between the centrist Macron and his far-right opponent were the least predictive in French history, underestimating Macrons support, rather than Marine Le Pens, to the surprise of some.In April, Angelique Chrisafis wrote that if elected, Macron planned to hold a consultation to define the ambiguous status of first lady in France and draw up a job description for the first time.But the shy insert-far-right-candidate here theory doesnt hold up when you look at a larger sample of European elections.The resounding win has been hailed by his supporters as holding back a tide of populism after the, brexit vote and, donald Trump s victory in the US election.