The red team simply has a harder path to victory than the blue team does.
For the liberal/progressive/left Trump is the enemy against whom they are conducting war, and as in war, truth is crowded out by propaganda.But the alt-right and its fellow travelers were never going to be able to assemble a mass movement.Only through a massive increase in the turnout and Republican performance of white working-class voters could.It valentines gift for little sister is not just the white nationalists who win when racialized fears surrounding crime, immigration, and terrorism shape the political behavior of white voters.As the liberal/progressive/left, the Democratic Party, major corporate cultures, and the print and TV media have no compunction about attacking white people in the most threatening and hurtful ways, Amnesty Internationals Margaret Huang is clearly wrong when she declares whites, with gags in their mouths.Trumps message has a certain appeal among white working-class Americans who feel they havent gotten a fair shake in a very long time.
I bought into the corporate medias selling of the product called Barack Obama.The several interviews with the like-minded were orchestrated to produce the desired propaganda result: It was all Trumps fault.While such numbers would typically spell doom for any political candidate, 11 polls taken over the same time period show.There is no reason that this new generation of immigrants cannot become loyal Republican voters, much as a previous generation of despised foreign newcomers did.Not long after, he created the Whites Will Win Party and authored posts claiming to prove that Obama is Jewish and Mitt Romney likely is too.But heres the bottom line: there just arent enough angry white men out there to put Donald Trump in the White discount cigarettes austin House.