If you can't decide if your ticket is a winner, take it to 1d christmas gifts store you trust and have it scanned by the terminal.
".the machines are very slow and unresponsive." That's a virus that's prevalent in any man or machine that works for a government agency.
Same cewe voucher code 2017 problems from multiple stores.
A Florida lottery player, Zack McDonald, now has serious concerns about using the ticket scanners, after an incident where he claims the first scan of his ticket showed a loser.United States Member #73904 April 28, Posts Offline Posted: April 16, 2013, 2:42 pm - IP Logged Lottery machines?Read more about lottery in the USA here, according to GTech, the firm that makes Floridas scanning machines, their records show a different ticket was used in the self scanner to the one then presented for scanning by the retail assistant.I throw around a few bucks on burned coffee and high calorie pastries, and of course, my liter.This feature is not available right now.I think most people would have trusted what the machine said and thrown the ticket in the trash.Bahamas, member #133462, september 30, Posts, offline, posted: April 16, 2013, 1:39 pm - IP Logged, are you referring to the self scanners or the terminal managed by the store clerks?
Sometimes it takes a few tries to get it done.
What I'm usually afraid of is the fact that if it might say I didn't win but what if it just wasn't working right and I did win?Zack says thats not the case, as he only ever buys a Powerball ticket and a Lotto ticket so there was no other ticket to get mixed.The jackpot rolled, so the following morning I decided I was going to the store to get some more tickets, even though I already checked the ticket myself, I thought I'd scan it on the machine just to double check the results.So by all means use the self-scanners, but check first with the TV or newspaper results.Pretty sure when your ticket gets scanned on there computer it will say so most likely will flash and make some noise, at the news agent or w/e, they will be pretty happy to as the agency you bought the ticket from gets like.L have no time to look at newspapers or check the web- the only time l will do that is if the news reports say "someone from Fremont won the 370 mil MM jackpot tonight" why, cause that's my city and it might just.Particularly when that scan could be the only thing that determines if you claim a jackpot or put that lottery ticket in the bin.Sometimes it takes 30 seconds to scan one ticket.At that stage, it's a 'give me my cash' cool stuff for christmas gifts transaction and nothing more.

The clerks at 7-11 are excited when I win as they know I am a regular and I don't just come in to buy lottery tickets.
I scanned the bar code me message.
I walked up to the ticket scanner, scanned the bar code and the machine said, "Sorry No Win." Are you kidding me?