what awards did betsy ross win

He had been with her second husband when he died and came to tell her of his death.
John was killed in January 1776 on militia duty when gunpowder exploded at the Philadelphia waterfront.
Betsy Ross isn't on any US coin.Betsy lived until 1836, dying on January.Betsy Ross was born Elizabeth Griscom to Samuel Griscom and the former Rebecca James in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, on January 1, 1752, the eighth of seventeen children.The "Betsy Ross Flag" as seen here, however, did not appear until the early 1790s, and there is no solid evidence to support claims that Betsy Ross created the first stars and stripes.Of course, most of us remember the story of Betsy Ross and quickly recognize the "Betsy Ross Flag" with the stars in a circle.The story about Ross is just that a story and is not true.Traditional story told for ages 9-12.
John Ross was the Betsy's very first husband.
Betsy acquired property and kept up the upholstery business, beginning to make flags for Pennsylvania as well.The fable of her making the flag comes from her grandson and was made.I have found no record personalized mortar and pestle gifts of any children during their short ter John dubai marathon prize money Ross died when a munitions dump he was guarding blew up, mid January, 1776, he died on the 21st of that month.Elizabeth Griscom married John Ross and became Elizabeth Ross whom everybody called Betsy.Today, a tour of Betsy Ross' home in Philadelphia (there is some doubt about its authenticity, too) is a "must-see" when visiting historical sites.Her 55 career victories rank behind only Kathy Whitworth, Mickey Wright and Patty Berg, and she shares the record with Wright for the most.S.Betsy's second husband was John Ashburn.