Store fraud or error, another possible problem that the gift card issuer will want to investigate: Even though your friend or family member paid for the card, the cashier never loaded it - because of either an error or intentional fraud, Hunter says.
Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.
You cannot check the balance of a Walmart Gift Card, but you can trade it in for a new card with a PIN at any local Walmart store or Sam's Club in the United States.
"I don't live there."It's possible he or she didn't enter it as a gift card, but incorrectly hit 'debit' or 'credit says Shelley Hunter, content manager, spokeswoman and "gift card girlfriend" for.Card tampering, there are more disturbing reasons your gift card may be empty.If your order total is less than the amount on your Walmart Gift Card, the remaining amount will be available on your card for future purchases.Fraud may have taken place."."See if the credit card offers some sort of fraud protection and tell the card issuer, 'I believe I kathmandu discount store got scammed.
You will receive an email with a password to activate your Gift Card.If your order total is more than the amount on your Walmart Gift Card, you will need to pay for the balance with additional Walmart Gift Cards or a credit card.How Quickly You Can Use Your Walmart Gift Card.A manager or customer service representative can double-check to make sure your gift card was entered as a gift card, Hunter says.Sam's Club members can also use the cards at any Sam's Club store location in the United States as well as online.Three most recent Emerging payment systems: Prepaid, debit, gift cards stories: Are mobile card readers safe for small businesses?