DIY Guitar Pick Punch, theyll be able to make guitar picks out of old credit cards with this pick punch.
More than likely theyll open this gift and scratch their heads in confusion (its not something youll commonly find but you can explain that it is a simple sound enhancement device that, when inserted into the sound hole of an acoustic guitar, adds volume and.
This hand exerciser works all of the muscles and ligaments of the hand so theyll be able to play and play.
I personally like the above stand/stool combo for those players that play on stage often, but if its just for somebody who is playing at home you can consider a professional guitar stool which is about the same price.#6 The Guitar Wall Clock, this guitar wall clock is a great way to spruce up an office or a room with guitar decor while also being very practical.If you combine this with the iRig guitar adapter mentioned above, this can become a mobile guitar effects rig!It keeps the guitar up and out of the way, on the wall so it serves as a decorative piece that can come down and be played at any time.99.99 Coin Guitar Picks These guitar picks are made out of quarters, so you know theyll last a lifetime.Guitarists are known for keeping an extra pick in their pocket or in their wallet, so why not give them one that is designed to hold it?They also have outlet covers.
Not only does it provide a little height, it also gives players a place to rest their leg, which I know most of us like.
It doesnt how many mcdonalds monopoly vouchers can you use at once matter of their guitar is worth 50 or 5,000, this is a kit that they will be happy and eager to use.Various people have reported less-than-stellar results on high-end guitars, but if theyve paid less than 500 for their acoustic guitar, this is something any guitarist would enjoy trying out.GTar, with this guitar theyll be able to learn to play the easy way, with chords that light up to show them where to put their fingers, its like playing a video game, only you really play guitar.In other words, theres an excellent chance the guitarist in your life doesnt have one, and yet once they open it theyll immediately be able to use.Its made from fabric strips that you get to choose, so you can customize it to their tastes.

Classic Wooden Stool Heres a stool that looks like the classic spot for a guitarist to sit and play their songs.