Scourge attempted to seize control of the Decepticons until Hot Rod took back the Matrix.
After blasting their ship, the Decepticons believed the Autobots dead.Immensely powerful like all the Decepticons reformatted by Unicron, arrogance is his only true weakness.The confrontation was disrupted by the sudden appearance of the Autobot commando squad, the Wreckers, who drew the ensuing battle away from the human settlement it was taking place in by professing to have stolen Galvatron's time jump mechanism, when in reality, the Decepticon.War and Peace Dreamwave Armada comics A version of Scourge from an alive and dirty discount code unknown Generation One time line served as one of Unicron 's heralds, along with versions of Thunderwing, Bludgeon, Dirge, and Galvatron.With only seven Autobots left alive, Scourge battled Getaway, Chainclaw and Guzzle during the Autobots' last desperate raid on the Decepticon Powerbase.And helped build Trypticon.
Thief in the Night He was later possessed by the disembodied ghost of Starscream, though this eventually became a mutual partnership.Scourge (6-inch Cybertron Heroes) Scourge once again transforms into a retro-futuristic hovercraft, this time with a more accurate sculpt to his animation model and significantly improved articulation.Specifics: Fictional appearances, scourge, function: Sweep Leader, alternate Mode: Cybertronian hovercraft, weapons: Disintegrator Ray.Sweeps with known defined personalities and identifiers are: Dumb Sweep.Scourge eventually left Unicron and rejoined the Decepticons.Cyclonus, and, despite his leadership of the Sweeps, is generally content to take orders from others.As this Sweep died an agonizing death, the last thing he likely heard was his own commander calling him a big baby.