theatre graduation gifts

Branded Goods - buy some of the graduate's favorite brands such as a Starbucks coffee mug.
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Travel - find cheap flights or train travel, or hotel deals.
Although we all use our cell phones for photos there are many graduates who will take high quality photos.Watch or Jewelry - a fabulous watch or piece of jewelry, engraved, will be treasured by the graduate.Dorm Trunk - can be a great place to store the graduate's belongings at college and transport them there.Nintendo, Playstation or Xbox Shower Flip Flops Fitness - the graduate may like to stay fit, you could give a membership to a gym, dance studio or yoga, a healthy body and a healthy mind do go together.Booqs Python Pack is fully padded with high-density foam and a water-repellent nylon exterior to protect your notebook.Wrap.e ribbons ect can vary.Secure box to hold valuables or cooler bag Equipment such as a coffee maker, mini fridge or microwave Toolbox with basic equipment and flash light A first aid kit with some basic medicine may help the graduate in a time of need.Space is limited, more words you want to engraved, the smaller the words will.Desk light and mini whiteboard plus marker pens Emergency cash, roll of quarters for laundry and book of stamps Urban guide to the colleges city DVD rental or Netflix subscription Personal items such as soap, shampoo and shower flip flops Magazine or online newspaper subscription.
Style 5, Front "Katie Back "Congratulations on passing your exams".
Apparel - buying apparel can help you set the graduate up for college, a job, a sport or travel.Gift certificates for green retailers and organic food outlets.Exhilarating - give an extreme gift to thrill the graduate with a once in a lifetime session prime now promo code chicago parachuting, mountaineering, rock climbing, paragliding or flying.Some additional items to complement the graduation gift ideas are: Booq Python Pack.Interests - research the graduates interests and pick a gift that fits their passion.To personalise your gift.You can add your own touches with a personal message on the inside cover and add some surprises such as a dollar inside the book and photos.