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'Organza' breathes beauty, elegance, sophistication, emotional intelligence, empathy, grace, sensuality, voluptuousness, excitement, longing, joy, intoxication, desire, lust for life.
Organza is not sex in pig and swig promo code a bottle -that is Boudoir or Bal à Versailles- but it is seduction power in a bottle.
S, a Guerlain (Eau de Cologne 68 a Kenzo 10:10 in Sicily a Calvin Klein Beauty a Biagiotti Emotion.Secondly the majestic and power of the flowers.I also wondered why girls of my age insisted of smelled like sugar, milkshakes and flower gardens to api ms win service core l1 1 0 dll seduce boys.It is one of those rare frags that has the power to unearth and unleash long hidden emotions.But the vanilla is imho not as porminent as some say.In summary: Longevity: 7 to 8 hours for.All that in a perfume bottle.'Organza' has that power.The scent is powerful and sharp, but I would say that sillage is moderate and then sits closer to the skin.
Because there are no built in contrasts, hooks and little olfactory surprises.
But she's no arrogant snob-nose.It was in the early days of my blossoming perfume interest.Amber to keep the middle and top on the skin and give a rounded feeling, vanilla to complement the flowers more higher.I would not choose this for important things medreps promo code 2014 like a wedding because it does not have the kind of projection I like and longevity is not that good.Not amazing, not great, not poor either, just.Since smelling 'Organza' no more 'Fantasies' Lily-of-the-Valley for me, but full bodied 'Real Women' fragrances.