Captain Robert Falcon Scott traveled with Globe-Trotter on the lip gloss giveaway infamous Antarctic expedition in 1912.
I use to wear this at night all the time and it leaves the skin feeling plump, smooth, super soft and hydrated.Sometimes we get a chance to give or receive some really special items for Christmas.While this might not be my ideal gift, as I would probably lose it within a week, I can think of many who would love this.You can order it off.You mobile games with real prizes can find out more about The Decorators Notebook here.You can read a full review of my Clutterbox here or you can buy them here starting at 139.It is different to the GHD because not only does it straighten quicker, but it leaves your hair smoother than I have ever experienced with the GHD and the straightness genuinely lasts until you wash your hair again.The LOreal Steampod, if what awards did betsy ross win you follow me on snapchat thebeauttruth for those of you that dont) you will know my pure and utter love for this little beauty.There are very few things that I am obsessed with in life, Feta Cheese and Becca champagne pop are on that obsessed list and now so too is the LOreal Steam pod.It is on the expensive side at 278, but if you think about it, 2 strips of lights from Ikea will set you back 100, so it the grand scheme of things it isnt that bad!
Queen Elizabeth II chose Globe-Trotter for her honeymoon luggage in 1947 (and continues use her cases to this day).
The dryer feels lighter than the traditional salon hairdryer, it comes with a salon length cable which I love, as it means I dont have to stretch the cable to reach my plug.
Illuminated mirrors, but you need to ring them to get delivery to Ireland.Globe-Trotter cases have been used over the last 100 years by an enviable client list.You can pick it up in Peter Marks for 180 or online here.With Christmas now fast approaching, festive shopping is no doubt creeping higher up the to-do list.I personally dont have one of these, but I know so many bloggers rave about them.Ive been using mine a year now and I have lost no bulbs yet, but the mirror did come with some spares just in case.The pair insist that as well as pursuing an ethical approach to business, their products also appeal to design-savvy consumers.Basically it is a hair straightener that uses steam and heat to smooth and straighten your hair.Dimensions: W100 D95 H40mm.

The linley Heart Candle comes in walnut with polished nickel detail supplied with a tealight.
However, Fields ( who I have no affiliation with) have a wide range of lovely pieces for reasonable prices.
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