Please note that due to the huge success of this partnership, availability is limited in Central London, the South Coast and City Centre locations.
What is the best value Clubcard how to decorate gift jars points redemption?
If you are seeing this page it is because you need to be in the UK to access your Clubcard information.Please see below the list of hotels that are participating in the Tesco promotion.But you can also use your Clubcard points to stay.Once youve received your Best Western tokens by email you have to wait about one hour until calling the booking hotline.How do I use my tokens?Fun: Travel: Homes Essentials: Lifestyle.Go to homepage, contact Us, gear from last night promo code site Map, if you continue having trouble please contact our customer service helpline.From 23 November 2018, we will not be able to accept bookings using Tesco Clubcard vouchers, this is only temporary and we are working on a solution to fix this.
This can be awkward if you have a large number of points.
If you notice any changes, please e-mail me at email protected and I will update.For every 5 in Clubcard vouchers you get 15 Best Western tokens.How do I exchange my Clubcard points?The Tesco Clubcard website lists all Clubcard deals by category.Fun: Eating out: Travel: Home Essentials: Lifestyle: Receive double the face value of your vouchers: Deals at two times face value or less are usually genuine deals but that is reflected in the lower multiple of face value you receive for your Clubcard points.Shopper Points last week but we thought it would also benefit a lot.