(Rating: 0) Synthweaving: 2 crit underworld trading (Kaliyo) (Rating: 2) Armstech: 10 eff armstech (Kaliyo 10 eff scavenging (Temple 10 eff investigation (Lokin) (Rating: 6) Armormech: 2 crit armormech (Temple 10 eff scavenging (Temple 2 crit underworld trading (Kaliyo) (Rating: 6) Cybertech: 10 eff cybertech.
Despite claiming that he is unsuitable for combat, 2V-R8 is able to be summoned as a healer.
Armormech Scavenging Underworld Trading.
Diplomacy is simply nice to have, and taking it gets you a 2 critical bonus from the ship droid, so that seems best to finish off with.Critical in missions will net you additional items, and rare rewards (such as artifact crafting materials or rare schematics).They will only give 1 critical to crafting, and they will only give 5 efficiency to mission/gathering skills (gathering and mission skills).(all get 5 with 2V-R8) Biochem: Bounty Hunter (2) Archeology: Sith Inquisitor (5) Scavenging: Sith Inquisitor (2) Bioanalysis: Sith Warrior Bounty Hunter (2) Treasure Hunting: Sith Warrior (5) (all get additional 2 with 2V-R8) Investigation: Sith Warrior (2) Underworld Trading: Sith Inquisitor Imperial Agent (2).It comes in 5, 10, and on occasion,.Republic (Artwork Delicacies, Consumable Maintenance) Main Characters Arcann Like: Courting, Technology, Trophy Favourite :Weapon Love :Military Gear, Imperial Memorabilia Aric Jorgan Like: Technology, Republic Memorabilia, Cultural Artifact, Trophy Favourite :Military Gear, Delicacies Love : Weapon Gault Rennow Like: Weapon, Technology, Cultural Artifact Favourite : Underworld.Armstech Scavenging Investigation, synthweaving Archeology Underworld Trading.The influence ranks (IRanks) listed here are thresholds so a companion of the rank 14 for example would receive the same gift values as a rank 10 companion and a companion of the rank 45 would get same gift values as a rank 40 companion.You still need legacy level 12 and 100,000 credits of course.Remember that there is a Character Perk called Legacy of Altruism that will give you 30 more affection from companion gifts and is very cheap to unlock (90K credits in total to unlock all 3 tiers).
Update with.1: Kaliyo, Blizz and Personal Warbot have tom ford handbags discount been added.
Wampa (Life Day Cartel Market) Like: Courting, Technology, Trophy Favorite : Weapon Love : Military Gear, Imperial Memorabilia K1-Z3N (Eternal Command Pack) Like: Technology Favourite: Love: Maintenance Special Companions Master Ranos (Dark vs Light Companion) Like: Military Gear, Courting, Technology, Imperial Memorabilia, Cultural Artifact, Trophy.
Delicacies are mostly used by the new companions you acquire in expansion while Maintenance gifts are mostly favored by droids.(Sorry I forgot to add you here last time!) Kytea - for giving me the blog link that specifically explains criticals.Please do not tell me about grammar errors, however.Lokin is the only companion in the game with a 15 and 10 bonus - everyone else would have 15 and 5 or 10 and.They now all have at least one gift type they love (max affection).(all get 1 with HK-51 or Treek) Synthweaving: Jedi Knight (5) (all get 5 with C2-N2) Armstech: Smuggler (5) Armormech: Trooper (5) Cybertech: None.Likewise if he is equal or worse, I will not even mention.