Exclusive Costume Piece: Jupiter Veteran Decorated Gold Jacket; "Veteran Gold" material for the Jupiter Uniform Pack, if owned.
Time spent as a silver or f2p player do not count towards these totals.
Exclusive Costume Piece: Klingon Shoulder Cape.
Exclusive Costume Piece: Romulan Admiral Gold Uniform.Are the 1000-day ships at all worth best food gifts for vegetarians getting?That is a lot, to be sure, but it is also 100 less than Cryptic usually lists.From now through April 5th, players can purchase a lifetime sub.Due to console specific legalities, the 500 stipend is not offered.Promotional image for the Lifetime Subscription.Hover media query supported.
Star Trek Online for just 200.
Contents 100 Days edit edit source, stalwart, accolade and, title.Klingon shoulder pads, republic Dress Uniform 300 Days edit edit source, fireworks 400 Days edit edit source, inside the Captain's Table.The standard cost of the lifetime subscription is 299.99 USD.Veteran rewards apply and are available to all current and future characters on an account.Save 20 on Services like Retrain Tokens, Ship Slots and more this weekend on PC!Continue to link and leave Arc Games.250 Emblems (Removed on September 29, 2011).Exclusive Costume Piece: Veteran Decorated Belt Veteran Decorated Wrist Gauntlets.Lifetime subscription (LTS) is an option for players to pay one lump sum for indefinite access to the game as a gold account.Alternate Future Badge 200 Days edit edit source, federation Veteran Jacket.

These can include accolades, player titles, costume pieces, emotes, ships, and account services.
Purchasing a lifetime membership immediately grants all veteran rewards, previous subscription time notwithstanding.