If youre in the field hunting, you could have the brake turned off.
According to my scale the sear broke at 3 ozs.
The rifle has an adjustable brake that is 2 inches in length that you can turn on or off.
The most accurate load was the Federal Premium 180-gr.There is a new and nike gift card canada upcoming outfitter in our area who is getting established and doing very well on big game here in Northern Arizona.T3x Lite Stainless.243 Win 10" 22 2/5" 850, jrtxb316, t3x Lite Stainless.308 Win 11" 22 2/5" 850, jrtxb317, t3x Lite Stainless.25-06 Rem 10" 22 2/5" 850, jrtxb318, t3x Lite Stainless.270 Win 10" 22 2/5" 850, jrtxb320, t3x Lite Stainless.30-06 sprg 11" 22 2/5" 850 jrtxb331.He had a brief break in his schedule and offered to take me on a short two-day hunt.Can I get some input.I had available four brands of ammunition to test the rifle with.The action is stainless with the bolt body knurled along with the Savage Indian logo and Savage name spelled out also on the bolt body.I had originally requested the rifle in the.325 WSM caliber, a caliber I thought would make an ideal bear rifle.
A view of the Savage rifle with the action open.
All the loads shot were sub-one-inch groups at 100 yards.Barrel, mSRP, jrtxb312, t3x Lite Stainless.223 Rem 8" 22 2/5" 850, jrtxb314, t3x Lite Stainless.22-250 Rem 14" 22 2/5" 850, jrtxb315.This rifle has a medium weight barrel that has an.712 at the start of the adjustable muzzle brake.All five of these calibers are proven highly effective big game calibers.However Schylar was unable to locate them due to the distance they had traveled before treeing the bear.Including a Christensen Arms aerograde carbon fiber barrel and many other industry-leading features, the Classic was one of the original rifles that put Christensen Arms on the map.Overall weight is 8 lbs.The satin finish barrel that measures 23 inches including the brake has six flutes which are 12 inches in length that enhance the looks of the rifle and reduce weight somewhat.

The.300 Winchester Magnum cartridge has been around since 1963 when it was introduced by Winchester as one of the four new calibers being made off the.458 Winchester Magnum case.
The action and barrel are stainless steel.