Companion Pass is awesome.
I love the boarding process, I love how I can change and cancel flights without penalty, and I enjoy the free drink vouchers from time to time.Check Southwest Reservation Window Your Rapid Rewards points can be used on any flight without any blackout dates, but flights sell out, especially the popular ones.The way we did it was to open a Premier card for myself and a Premier Business card for my business, each netting 50,000 Rapid Reward points after we spent 2,000 (each).(this is also a good way to turn an otherwise useless gift card into something you'll use) Give Feedback When Southwest first introduced Wi-Fi, I gave it a try.If the price goes down, you get a credit for the difference.The price was the same as directly booking with the hotel.Usually, if you're better than B30 you can get an aisle or window seat.I signed up and will now just do a quick search on Rocketmiles before I book any hotels.(By the way, their internet works pretty well now) And, just the other week, I was having trouble (technically, our kids were having trouble) with the.The Southwest RR filter took away all the local hotels (they're available via other travel programs though).
That gets you to 104,000 RR points (100,000 by promotion, 4,000 by spending which is only 6,000 points away from Companion Pass.
Southwest boarding position is assigned based on when you check-in.Dates are released in blocks.The guys restaurant glasgow gift vouchers Rapid Rewards program lets you earn points for travel with no blackout dates while the Ding app sends discount offers to your phone.The September 2015 issue has one for 10 off The Parking Spot valid until December 2015.You can also buy the Early Bird Check-in for 15 each way, which is something I do on cross country flights, but it's free behavior reward charts usually not necessary.Every one on the itinerary will have to pay for Early Bird.Southwest credit card to earn points (double duh or get yourself bumped for vouchers (honest who likes doing this) but those are boring.