At first I had to refuse a lot of the bands because it was too many shows to take on, but then I decided to to just embrace.
Featuring bands from across Canada and the States, as well as a handful of Saskatoon groups, Toboggan Island is set to take place at three venues, including 11 Hooks Studio, The Club and The Exchange.Phone: (example: cell roblox where to buy gift cards Phone: Phone Displayed On Ad: Phone, cell, none, webSite URL: http email Address: Email Options.Attendees also have the option to either buy individual tickets to the shows, or buy a three show pass to get a better deal.Im certain Ill be organizing a festival in similar fashion next summer, but I dont know that it will be called Toboggan Island.My main goal for this event is to get more bands to experience what the prairie music scene has to offer and hopefully come back again.Discount Coupon, coupon Code: (if your coupon offers a 100 discount please also select PayPal as your payment method.).This will delay posting of your Ad until the special instructions are satisfied!Include Email As Graphic (Viewers will have to manually type your address into their email message).A fuck you to Sled Island or is it a way of bringing these bands closer to home?Emily Ritenburg: I was being contacted by a lot of bands playing Sled Island looking for shows in other cities around the festival.ER: The main thing audiences can expect from this festival is variety.
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Ominocity caught up with Emily Ritenburg, Toboggan Islands promoter, for a chat on bringing together a lot of bands in a short period of time among other things.The faps, nap Eyes, weak Ends, black Thunder.Pandas in Japan, lords Kitchner, severed Legion, white Women.OM: 20 dollar jeans promo code So does this mean you planning on making Toboggan Island an annual event?ER: Yes and.Contact Info, name: First, last, include Name on Ad, yes.Also, Toboggan Island is a great opportunity to showcase some talented bands from Saskatchewan, and also give people who arent attending Sled Island the opportunity to see some of the bands that are playing here in Regina.