(includes parts and piano score).
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An advanced work with a duration of about 13 minutes.Number VII is for A clarinet and the rest are for B-flat clarinet.19 Era of Manifestations edit Main article: Era of Manifestations The Shaker movement was at its height between 18It was at this time that the sect had the most members, and the period was considered its "golden age".C1093: Quintet for Clarinet and Strings by Douglas Moore.In regard to his contact with non-Western music, we know that he visited London in 1851 in connection with the Great Exhibition held there.The duration listed on the music is 11 minutes but the videos last about 14:30 in all.She 'll neither reel nor totter, totter, totter, And she 's,.
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24.95 C673: Quintet in F-sharp minor.
It has been modernized in the actual guitar part.) Free Media Mail shipping on this music to US, IF ordered with another item.Popular Songs in American History - (from Colonial Times to 1900) Lyrics, Historical Information, midis, Tune-Related Links.Sisters in the Faith: Shaker Women.18.30 C1153: Prelude, Blues and Finale for Two Clarinets in A (or Clarinet in A and Viola) and Piano by Elie Siegmeister.Women and Redemption: A Theological History.

Methods, Studies Exercises include: Baermann (Complete Method for Clarinet,.