Johnson-Smith catalg 6 piece, interlocking rings Six Stix Chas.
Taiwan 7-pieces, fit sse warm home discount into box.
Ed Pegg has an interesting article on Partridge puzzles on his Mathpuzzle site.Jim Fox at Puzzometry The 12th Tile - designed by Masaki Watanabe Wrench Packing Puzzle - A Steam-Punk packing puzzle made by hand from used industrial tools, from the Etsy shop of Václav Skopek, Shokcz.Patent Mogilner and Johnson 1972.This is called the "Asteroid" from Bits and Pieces.This means only 4/0/0/0 and 2/2/0/0 are possible divisions.I bought it from Bram at IPP 29.However, this version from Melissa Doug is presented as a coupons gap factory online straightforward square-dissection and tray-packing problem.One set of dimensions of the pieces are shown on Iwase's site.Perkins' Quilt (or Mrs.
Made from Redheart and Yellowheart.It came with a small black case with a question mark on the front.Type-3-A: interlocking solids, Figures title manufacturer description (Lion)?Its six unusual pieces serially interlock.It is a nice size - the pieces are 25x25x75mm - and is quite heavy.Captain, designed by Stephane Chomine and made by Eric Fuller, from acrylic and bubinga.I don't know who the craftsman is - I bought it as part of a group of hand-made puzzles.