That being said, this is still a great way to save/earn money which you can spend on items of your choice (sold by some of the popular retail giants).
Step 3: At this point, you will get asked whether you are an existing member.As a member, each time you buy something, you earn points that you can use for future purchases.Shop Your moonrise festival 2017 promo code Way is a program that rewards you when you buy products or services.You can also move up tiers solely based on the amount you spend, rather than the number of purchases that you make.Heres a quick example to illustrate: You buy a piece of furniture that costs 250.Also, note that Uberpool rides lowes lumber discount do not qualify as a ride for this offer.Early notification of sales.
Reach VIP Gold status: Spend 5,000 in a calendar year.
The average annual VIP savings at this level is 300 in points VIP Gold Once you have made 20 purchases totaling 1,500 in a calendar year, you reach Gold status.
Then, drivers will earn an additional 100 cashback in points for their 100th trip.So, if you do buy an item of clothing worth 20 for example, you only pay 15 for it, because you can redeem those points for that purchase.With SYW Partners, the amount of points you earn varies from brand to brand.Access to a members-only website With this website, you can: Review your purchases.Shop Your Way website stand a chance to earn points and discounts.1,000 of those points are Base Points, which are valid for 12 months.If you do that, you ensure that you can earn points in all of the ways we mentioned above.

And, theyre exclusive to members.