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Getting Your Audience To Other Platforms.
If you currently have an email list, you can inform them that you are going to be sending giveaways on occasion just to the amazon volleyball gifts members of your list.
Pro Tip : Ensure that the Remove Share Buttons checkbox is not ticked.If youre wanting to build up your email list, or get people over to your Facebook page, then you can put a message in the area that non-winners see that says something like Sorry you didnt mont blanc discount win this time, but were going to be doing.Alternatively, you could go all the way and offer people, say, a Kindle.Please read here what has changed and how to run an ebook giveaway on Amazon.There is no chance of going back and making changes.If Twitter isnt your style, you can also have your audience watch a video in order to enter.
One of the biggest reasons that you can see a lot of success with an Amazon giveaway is the fact that you can send people over to Amazon to check out the product that they can win.
When people receive this message, they will then head over to your Facebook page and follow in order to get another opportunity to win later.
Set up an Amazon Giveaway button.Strangely enough, there is no Facebook option just yet.Set up the requirement (follow on social, watch a video, answer a poll).This is what youll see at first: Within a few hours, though, it should change to this: You will notice that you can share this on Facebook and Twitter.You should absolutely do this, but Amazon also uses its #AmazonGiveaway hashtag to advertise all of its giveaways, so be sure to take advantage of that, by adding it to your tweet: Some final words Right now, few authors are using the giveaway: Only.

You will be asked to log in using your Amazon credentials, then you have access to the giveaway details.
This is sure to change very fast, so I urge you to be among the first to take advantage.
Now you need to choose the duration for the giveaway.