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(b) Total value of tickets available for sale must be not less than twice, and not more than six times, the total value of prizes.
They are not eligible for a Class B licence unless they meet the organizational eligibility criteria outlined in Section 8 of the.
(e) A ticket in a raffle must not be a ticket in another raffle.
(b) If there is more than one prize, the first ticket drawn must win first prize (ie reverse draws are not allowed).More than 20,000 in gross revenue.Determining the Correct Type of Licence for Your Gambling Event.Gross proceeds are more than 50,000.Bclc is developing this signage, which is expected to be in all bars and pubs that offer lottery products by the end of August, 2014.Keeping of records, the person conducting the raffle must ensure specsavers free eye test voucher code bedford accurate records are kept for three years after finalisation of the raffle of: (a) the disposition of funds; and (b) the distribution of prizes.Not permitted: Roulette and Sic.
Small raffle means a raffle for which the value of the prizes: (a) in that raffle does not exceed 500, and (b) in that and every other raffle conducted for the benefit of the same community or charitable organisation on the same day or within.If you have questions about your application you can phone or send an email, see Questions Contact Information.Yes Yes No Social Occasion Casinos Up to 15 games.Conducted and managed by licensee in various locations in the community.(d) Tickets for a small raffle may be either: (i) a blank raffle book numbered on both butt and the ticket, or (ii) where the method of the draw is to be a spinning wheel, buttless numbered tickets, from a perforated ticket sheet, having.Read the, guide to category 3 games - Gross proceeds more than 50,000 (total ticket sales).The following table will help you determine the correct licence for your event.A bingo centre operator, community or charitable organisation may apply to the Victorian Commission for Gambling and Liquor Regulation (vcglr) to vary the rules of bingo for their specific needs.News Item - Jan 25, 2016 Applications to Hold Computerized Raffles Now Being Accepted for more information, gambling Category, specific Games and Location, class.