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Oh, and did I mention that youll get a ton of fantastic user-generated content you can use for future social media and marketing campaigns?Do they want to teasource discount code buy their daughter's birthday too?Theyre extremely easy to set up on your Facebook page, website or blog.Running a 100-square grid as part of your event is a simple way to boost profits.Though we actually have more than a dozen sweepstakes templates, the most commonly-used is also our original.The product with the most votes was given to the people who voted for it at half price, and the client got incredibly important information about the most important buying season of the year.A client often runs internal vote contests within their company, giving their employees the opportunity to vote on branding, design elements, slogans and upcoming corporate events.Instagram hashtag contests consist of entrants posting their own picture on Instagram and then tagging it with a campaign-specific Hashtag (allowing your business to see all the pictures).Choose a percentage of your takings to give as a prize (usually 25-50 and announce the winner at the end of the night.Sweepstakes (or giveaways) are the most popular of our contest types.
In each square, write down their full name and a way of identifying or contacting them.e.But they can also be used for parties, in schools, colleges and work.Let me explain the best way I know how.Perhaps that's the lucky number!Which is exactly what our raffle tickets.And all the submissions, email management (including exporting) and vote moderation happens within our builder.If your business has an interest in Instagram (and you should, its one of the fastest growing and most profitable social media platforms out there a hashtag contest is a great way to generate Fans and get them interacting with your brand.

Free Template #7: Referral Contest And a real-world example from a merchant who found success with this template The Numbers: This referral contest was viewed by 13,400 people and had a conversion rate.63, giving them the email addresses of 2,624 prospective customers.
Encourage people to share to collect more votes.
Wishpond's Facebook Contest Apps make it easy to create sweepstakes, photo contests, Instagram hashtag contests more.