If a seat is already occupied by another player, he will get a prompt, asking if he wants to switch places with you.
Show Links: September 6th PS4 Game Update September 4th PTS Update ASP Sideram Primary New Planetside 2 Lore Margaret Krohns Fan Lore 0 On this weeks show I started by covering the the long awaited PS4 Game Update and all its glory.After that wire fm discount days out I talked about what I feel is the over-nerf to the Valkyrie.Continue reading On this weeks show, unsurprising, I spent the majority of the show covering the most recent Developer Live Stream which teased some performance updates on both the PS4 and PC, the new Halloween guns and directive rewards, creative bullet animations and much much.3) Score 10 kills Ah, the first directive where you actually have to accomplish something by yourself.This directive will test your communication skills, whether you can coordinate with other players to be someones gunner for a while.Novice 1 redeploy 2) Change Class, you can switch classes by interacting with an infantry terminal.During any base attack, the capture timer usually resets several times, so you are very likely to score a base defense automatically, without even noticing simply by fighting in a territory of an allied base.Deringer: Planetside 2 and General Gaming Podcaster 39:48 858 Mon, 10:00:57 0000 m/?p855 Continue reading On this weeks show I started by covering the August 23rd PC Hotfix that was deployed to fix some of the issues caused by the last Game Update.
Org/?v4.9.8 The Instant Action Podcast is a weekly show that aims to highlight the latest News and Community events in the Planetside 2 universe.That will count as base capture for the purposes.On Exploit Videos and Responsible Disclosure 0 On this weeks show I talked about the September 11th PC Hotfix which revealed that it was Constructions fault all along for the performance issues (just kidding Drew).1) Pull a Lightning Lightning is a light one-manned tank.Fortunately, you are granted 1x Reflex Sight for free.Connery 6,786, briggs 2,686, jaeger 37, solTech 21, faction Lookups, tR 13,319.Each faction has their own ESF.The Current Developer Team game and win Picture Deringer: Planetside 2 and General Gaming Podcaster 32:46 848.Learn "more player name: Provide a player name to proceed.