pil & bue you win again lyrics

One day I'm gonna lift the cover.
What can I do - you win again.
Pil Bues mantra is to be impulsive and spontaneous, something that reflect their live shows as well as their recordings.The sound of Pil Bue is raw, energetic and dark with beautiful melodies.You take true love - and give the blame.In their live performances Carlsen use the entire format, moving between several microphones located around the stage, delivering powerful prosecco and chocolates gift bag vocals and heartfelt and vulnerable lyrics.This battle of love with.In February 2013 they had their Cirst jam, seconds later they had formed a band.And tear this love apart, chorus, there's no fight you can't fight.Combined with Kost- opoulos visual and vigorous drumming, it makes this charismatic duo a captivating the gifts of imperfection epub experience filled with opposites.
One by one, i'm gonna hit you from all sides.
I guess that I - should not complain.
The album has received rave reviews across both national and international media.This heart of mine - could never see.You win again, so little time, we do nothing but compete.Following you, oh, girl, verse 2, oh baby I shake you from now.I'm sorry for - your victim now 'Cause soon his head - like mine will bow.He'll give his heart - but all in vain.I could never let you cast aside.

I'm surprised, you let me stay around you.
You have no heart - you have no shame.
The greatest love of all, chorus, there's no fight you can't fight.