(The faint dotted line shows the position of edge of the bill that's hidden behind, and the creases should go right up to this line.).
Remember to use crisp bills for this project, however.
Your bill should look something like this.
Go ahead and make one, and you'll be amazed at how gorgeous and life-like it looks.Looking for more unique homemade gift ideas?That's it for the tutorials on my website, but if you're interested in learning more then why not check out one of the many money origami books on amazon.By the way, if you're thinking of giving a gift card instead of cash, here's something to consider: In 2006, Best Buy, the home electronics store, made 43 million in revenue from unused gift cards.You should fold them in as far as they'll go without tearing the bill.It really is safer just to give cash - it has no expiry date, and it can be used anywhere.A money shirt makes your intentions clear and gives the recipient the freedom to select an appropriate item.You can take your choice of video or photo instructions.
I made the dress origami shirt and tie because I wanted a creative way to give money to my best friend at her wedding.
Origami Money Flowers : Make a money bouquet to say "congratulations!".
If it keeps stopping and starting it might be because you have a slow internet connection - try pausing the video and come back in a few minutes, or skip to the photo instructions below instead.It just sets the angle of the torso of the dress to give the dress a bit of an hourglass shape.Step 5, fold the top edge down so that the crease is about 1/3 of the way down the top section.If you can't find a friendly wine mom gifts bank teller to help you get crisp bills, try lightly ironing the bills on a low setting or gently pressing them with a flat iron used to straighten curly hair.Want to learn how to fold a money origami dress out of a dollar bill (or any other bill)?

Dollar Bill Rose : The best money rose design I've come across, and I've tried several.
(Click here for origami shirt and tie instructions.) It might be nice to use a bill slightly more generous than 1 though :-).