It was a rhinoceros beetle: deep red colour, massive curved spike on its conk.
An author from Cambridgeshire has shared an hilarious anecdote after she picked up a rare beetle in Cambridge.
The clicking becomes significantly louder and a mechanical whirring begins.
Emma Mitchell had just finished watching."I reach my arm out tentatively and move the bag a little so I can see it more clearly.I told them it was probably a stag beetle of some kind that it was special.Buzz_dont_tweet want to know about all sightings of rhinoceros beetles.Go win a set of tires well six-legged shiny pal, Im glad I gave shwood discount code you a lift emma was offered a free deal at Nando's shortly after.Id rescued it but sweet mother of all the I drove home and googled.A lover of nature, Emma decided to take the creature with her - but got a bit of a shock on her journey.Trending Coupon Codes, nandos Vouchers Discount Codes website view.It needed to be in a wood I asked the manageress for a bag.I pulled over at Stow Cum Quy where there is a small triangular village green edged with trees.It was sick of my playlist.
"Beetle and I were contented travelling companions for some miles.
My mind conjured vivid images of a creme egg-sized arthropod stuck in my barnet "This beetle was jewel-like, a deep red as though it were carved from garnet but it was bloody massive, like no beetle Id seen before.
I am used to ladybirds.It would have done.Flying insects DO get caught in my hair:its a gargantuan fright wig.Beetle is done with this lightweight plainly plonky cobblers."Beetle, it seems, takes exception to Manic Pixie Dream Girl pop.Copy Code: Login with.It was sick of being in a Nandos bag."I was making my way to the carpark when I noticed a commotion in front of Nando's.Then silence "Its ok beetle I say Im taking you to a green place.

"Armed with a pencil I went round to the passenger side.