On My3, go to Manage Cards from the Top-up section, and then Add Card.
You simply have to find a place make a gift box online with the green top-up symbol.
You can top up your Pay as you go mobile at any Post Office branch.And many more, what do I need to do?O2 O2 customers can can top by credit or debit by calling 4444 (free to call) directly from their phone.For example, if your voucher code is, you would dial # Three Mobile Three Mobile allows you to buy top-up vouchers worth anywhere from 10 to 50 in 5 increments.Orange and T-Mobile customers will need to log in or create an EE account, which can be accessed here.The format of the text is as follows: "CR last four digits of your card an amount between 5 and 95".To do this, you can either call 333 first and then follow the Top-up instructions.
To top your phone up, call 444 from your Three phone and enter the code when asked.
You should be able to choose how much you want to top up and how often.Receive top up voucher directly by email.The instructions should present itself on the screen.Tesco also provides 10 discount off each weekly or monthly top-up.Auto top-up (scheduled top-up) and web top-up.

Tesco Mobile Tesco Mobile customers can also top up at cash machines again, look for the Top Up symbol.
So if you wanted to add 10 on a credit card that ends with 0123 you would send: "topup 10 0123" Tesco Mobile Tesco Mobile users can top up via text as well.