Classroom Grader: Help the teacher grade papers.
These are for those little space invaders that follow me around.
They love using my stamps this helps me out!
This also gives them dibs on the cd player during indoor recess.Pay 99, but get back a 2 ECB!This can be used with a cd player as well.Popcorn Day: Our PTO makes the school popcorn several times a month.I'M SO sorrad TO make IT separate.I only allow this for morning work.
This is a classroom favorite.
(limit 1) Buy 1 and use the 3/1 coupon pm exam simulator discount in the 10/21 SS Insert.
Following the use of heartgard, digestive and neurological side effects have rarely been reported.Bring a stuffed animal to school: They may bring in an animal to have at their desk for the day.Also use the.50/1 Colgate toothpaste coupon in the 10/14 Smartsource Insert.Use a 3/10 qantas rewards booking Bodywash crt.Total comes.98.Calender Teacher: Be in charge of the calendar.Buy 1 and use that Instant Coupon.Helping other students with the computer.Front Row: Sit in the front row all day.Sharpen pencils anytime: I have only 2x/day they may sharpen pencils.