most rewarding nursing specialties

It is a high-demand specialty with the good potential for growth.
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Entry Level, one of the most important things to know as an entry level nurse student is that no matter what kind of degree you earn, you need to pass the nclex-RN examination.
If you hold an associates degree in nursing or nursing diploma and want to earn a graduate degree, youll enroll in an RN-MSN bridge program with no BSN requirements.Normally, as part of your assignment, your housing expenses are paid by the medical provider hiring you.While a nurse with any degree can specialize in oncology, there has been a trend towards requiring a BSN to practice in many hospitals.About three percent work in faculty teaching roles, and one percent work in medical administration.During the treatment phase they typically offer counseling to help patients and their family members understand the illness.Remember that once you are a registered nurse, you can work while you are going to school, if necessary.
But I did love it and still do, almost 20 years later.
Org made this video going over all the different nursing degree types.
Upon passing, you will officially be a pain management nurse.Growth outlook: Job growth for travel nurses should be in line with overall projected growth for registered nurses: Salary: The median salary for travel nurses is 70,000.Several factors are, but one of the biggest is just that Americans are getting older and living longer.In less stressful situations, nurse advocates may act as a link between the patient and the doctor, taking the time a doctor may not have to be sure that patients and their families understand what is happening, the diagnosis the patient was given, and the.Nurse Manager What they do: Nurse managers are responsible for supervising the nursing staff underneath them.The minimum educational and licensing requirements are an associates degree and an RN license.You will need at least 500 hours of working in a diabetic clinic or facility and your Master of Science in nursing before you can apply to receive your Advanced Diabetes Management Certification through American Association of Diabetes Educators.