PlanToys Push and Pull Sensory Balls PlanToys Rocking Horse edisons com au discount code Hape Rocking Horse Radio Flyer Scoot About Pikler Triangle - super high on our current wishlist Toddler Walker Musical Plan Toys Solid Drum Egg Shakers Glockenspiel - xylophone - a favorite in our house!
Fruit Wooden Magnet Set Vegetables Grains Sneaky Snacky Squirrel Game Shopping List Game First Orchard Game Large Wooden Barn - a family favorite!
There are natural choices available to fit every interest and budget!
Preschoolers 3 years - 5 years Follow your child's interests!PlanToys Shape Sorter Wonderworld Shape Sorter Multiple Lid Shape Sorter TAG Toys Shape Sorter Montessori Flip Lid Shape Sorter Hape Twist and Sort Puzzle Kid O Color Sorting Disks PlanToy Wooden Stacking Disks Lacing Block Wooden Lacing Cards Large Grimms Stacker Large Pearler Beads.Depth Peg Board Gross Motor Ball Cylinder - Perfect for new movers Hape Little Pounder Melissa and Doug Pounding Bench PlanToys Pounding Bench Radio Flyer Tiny Trike Radio Flyer Walker Wagon - Family favorite!My kids love it!This has been used daily for years.Perfect size and they have held up well with real gardening!Montessori Coin Box, flipping Coin Box.Wild Animals Geometric Shape Puzzle PlanToys Geometric Shape Puzzle Disk Counting Puzzle Cylinders Kid O Color Steps Wooden Steps Puzzle Color and Shape Sorter Puzzle Construction Vehicles Puzzle Emergency Vehicles Puzzle 2 piece Matching Puzzles Set - perfect introduction to jigsaw puzzles!There are no rules about types of products can use the name Montessori which can add to the confusion.By preschool age, many children have strong preferences, follow them!
2017 update: This post has been updated to include a variety of brands and new product finds!
Circle Sorter Puzzle, montessori Circle Puzzle, wonderworld Ring Stacker.
Try to follow your child's own interests and abilities when deciding what works for them!Hands down one of the most used toys in our house!Wooden Doll House Creature Matching Game The Helping Game - looks like a fun cooperative game for toddlers!Crochet Sensory Ball, fine Motor to 12 Months, double Bubble Bead Run.Schleich Wild Animals Schleich Forest Animals Schleich Wild Set 2 School bus Mail Truck UPS Truck Large Garbage Truck - Amazing detail!