Last Chance Drawing for 1 Million Dollars!
Be smart about it and not caught.
Not for extra monopoly tickets but as a nice thing to do in general.
Massachusetts Star Market Customer Wins 1,000,000 Playing monopoly.We went about our regular shopping and ended up with about 50 or 80 tickets in grocery rewards in the span of 2 months.You can mail in a request form for 2 free monopoly tickets but with postage stamp costs, it might not be worth it depending on what shopping strategies you employ.Mail-in: Affix your monopoly Online Coupon Code coupon to a 3 X 5 index card, write down your personal details like full name, address (including city, state and zip mypacifier com promotional code code contact phone number, age, and sign your full legal name on the index card and.By mail-in: In order to receive free game ticket and one bonus ticket, just send your self-addressed, stamped envelope (sase) to shop, play, WIN!Prizes: Game Board Prizes (1,960,806 Prizes; total ARV 25,122,500) (2) 1,000,000 Cash (4) 1,000,000 Vacation Home (15) 100,000 Cash or Luxury Car (25) 40,000 Vehicle of Choice (35) 25,000 Kitchen Makeover (50) 20,000 College Tuition (50) 10,000 Cash (75) 7,500 Family Vacation (50) 5,000 Cash.Only freak out when you have a rare ticket, otherwise, dont get your hopes up or throw your finances chimney sweep vienna va out the window.Besides playing the Collect and Win game,.After getting the Game ticket, open it looking for whats inside it: a special discount offer, online/sweepstakes coupon code, Instant Prize Grocery Gift Card, Instant Prize free product coupon, or two Free dominos promo codes august 2016 Game Tickets Prize coupons along with 4 game markers to be used.Im too shy, next time Ill ask.
Example: A cup of yogurt is on sale for 88 cents in my local Safeway and it comes with a bonus ticket included.That was their 2nd trip back to their truck.Table of Contents, are They Scams?Tell me about it stud Nah!Besides the possible 1 million prize drawing, discounts, and pointless Fandango there is a percentage of insta-win tickets out there for the instant gratificationers!Varela won the only 1 Million cash prize offered in this years game by shopping at Albertsons.I told him I didnt want to get too obsessed even though they are quite fun.

Online Coupon Codes contains code to win the Progressive Jackpot.
Inside game tickets are numbered markers to match up on the Monopoly board.