I did not mean she was advanced in the area of B-O-Y-S.
Is this what theyre talking about when they say city kids ARE fast?
Therapy will BE IN order.
Child protective services will BE called.But one night last week, I found myself totally stunned when the following scenario went down.Mazzy: Charlie, lets kiss with our tongues.Was french kissing something a kid could come up with on their own without hearing it from an outside source?I know exactly why Mazzy said that.We exchanged hasty goodbyes.This WAS really, really BAD.But I could tell she was concerned.What would I say?Mazzy and Charlie gave eachother a little peck on the lips.I always knew my condolence sympathy gift ideas daughter was advanced, but by advanced, I meant she learned teapot and mug gift sets her ABCs pretty early and crushed her peers when it came to sorting shapes and stacking blocks.
ME: Okay, go give him a kiss then.Its not like Mike and I make out in front of her.Mazzy AND harlow will GO TO live with their grandmother.I have witnessed Mazzy demand attention from the men in her life (yes, thats plural; sorry guys, if you thought you were the only one) but I always thought her initiative was adorable and not the precursor to something much more worrisome.She doesnt even watch movies that have romantic plotlines like.Could SHE BE learning these things AT school?The discount tire store rockwall tx rockwall tx Little Mermaid or, cinderella.If a child is advanced intellectually, will they be advanced *gulp* sexually as well?But, where could SHE possibly have learned suching?

I debated emailing the teacher.
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