(2) A production or tooling resin hire and reward insurance meaning or a pigmented, clear or tooling gel coat used for truck blue book promo code repair and touch up of a part or a mold, if the weight used of resin and gel coat materials that meet gifts for my daughters 18th birthday one or more of these criteria does not.
(e) Compliance and monitoring requirements.
As an alternative to complying with subsections (b d the operator of a solvent cleaning machine may demonstrate compliance with paragraph (1) or (2).(4) The requirements of subsection (g) do not apply to the following activities: (i) Application of a touch-up coating, repair coating or textured finish to a metal part.Copies of the records shall be retained by the owner or operator for a period of 2 years after the date on which the record was made and shall be made available to the Department upon written or verbal request at a reasonable time.(ii) Additional coatings include the following: (A) Glass bonding primer.Body part (i) An exterior part of a motor vehicle including the hood, fender, door, roof, quarter panel, deck lid, tail gate and cargo bed.(3) The VOC content of each product on the list required under paragraph (1 as supplied.The records specified in paragraphs (1 5) do not apply to resins used in accordance with subsection (j 1).(B) A VOC content less than 70 by weight.(iii) Airbrush application of coating to a metal part or plastic part using no more than 5 gallons of coating per year.
(3) Add-on air pollution control device.Miscellaneous sources 129.11.(5) This section does not apply to an owner or operator in the use or application of the following: (i) Aerosol coatings that meet the requirements of 40 CFR Part 59, Subpart E (relating to National volatile organic compound emission standards for aerosol coatings).Authority The provisions of this 129.66 issued under section 1920-A of The Administrative Code of 1929 (71.S.(2) Submitted to the Department upon receipt of a written request.(ii) Maintenance performed on the add-on air pollution control device and monitoring equipment, including the date and type of maintenance.The overall efficiency of a control system, as determined by the test methods and procedures specified in Chapter 139, may be no less than 90 or may be no less than the equivalent efficiency as calculated by the following equation, whichever is less stringent:.(v) The use of parts washers or cold cleaners at an offset lithographic printing or a letterpress printing facility.(viii) Heating equipment, air conditioning equipment, and other fixed mechanical equipment or stationary tools.

This subsection is not applicable to storage tanks which conform to  129.56(a 1) or (2) (relating to storage tanks greater than 40,000 gallons capacity containing VOCs).
(d) Airless cleaning machines and airtight cleaning machines.