Im 38 weeks, 39 on friday.
It is uncomfortable, particularly since your cervix may be exceptionally difficult to reach at this stage of pregnancy, and no matter how good and how gentle your healthcare provider is, it can feel a bit like they are trying to reach up through your entire.
I'm due May 2011.Many mothers do not go into labor within two days, and you should not worry about this either.Initially small doses are inserted which are then gradually increased according to the physicians order.The weight of baby is less than nike coupon codes that work the expected weight.The membrane stripping is usually performed at 39th-40th week of pregnancy; there is no guarantee that membrane stripping will always result in labor induction.I guess it works.
If, when you get home, you are still feeling discomfort a warm bath can be very soothing or, as long as your health care team haven't told you not to, you can take an acetaminophen to help.
However, this is by no means guaranteed.As with any medical procedure that involves somebody sliding their fingers into your vajayjay, it is not something you would choose to do for fun.So- after reading all these postings, I have no doubt she must have stripped my membranes.The risk of contracting cervical infection after membrane is stripped increases several folds.It involves a minimally invasive technique where tintagel castle gift shop your midwife or doctor will try to persuade your cervix it is time to loosen up and let that baby out of there.The baby's umbilical cord can slip into the birth canal and become compressed, reducing the oxygen to your baby and there is also an increased risk that your uterus will not effectively contract after the birth causing you to lose more blood than you otherwise.When he finally did gift card granny nordstrom strip them, he commented that there wasn't much left to strip as i had been dialated at least 2cm (if i'm remembering correctly) for a couple weeks.I was a week past my due date and was desperate to have this baby.If your cervix has not yet begun to dilate when a sweep is attempted, some gentle massage and stretching of the cervix may be tried as this can initiate the process of opening up the cervix.After-Effects of Membrane Stripping, the procedure is uncomfortable for most of the females; this is because the cervix may not be soft enough, so inserting the finger can cause discomfort or pain.