make own gift bag

This next step will close those holes.
Introduction: No pattern is necessary, simply cut two pieces of cloth in the size/shape you wish (leave a seam allowance about 1/2).
Not including the hemmed area above the ribbon, the bag sizes are as follows.For multidirectional bags: Stitch the front to the back, right sides together, along each side and vanilla gift card support across the bottom.Stitch Top Hem Fold under the top edge of the bag 1/4 all the way around; press.For multi-directional fabric: Small Bag: Cut 1 piece.5".5".Fill the colored chocolate into a one way piping bag.There was just one problem: I cant sew.Or stick around and join me at marveling over how pretty they look.
Dani is an enthusiastic rookie chef, baker and mom.Small: 9" x 9 medium: 9" wide x 12" tall.You know I make cake pops way too often to pay that price (yet lou reed teach the gifted children not often enough to get wholesale discounts though I dream of it regularly I have no place to store 10 kg of candy melts and really I should never be alone.These are really easy to whip up as well as cheap!Step 5: Tie Fringe, okay, this is going to sound really complicated, but its NOT, promise.Sizes small, medium and large.

Stitch the seams, hem the top, attach ribbon in the back.