magic match scratch and win 2016

So today I had my scheduled appointment for the how to ship beer as a gift Magic Scratch and win when the person from the company called to confirm, they said they were calling from the contest hotline even though the caller ID showed up as Simple Water Services.
Their tactics will easily lure an uninformed person into paying for an expensive filtration system whereas other cheaper alternatives exist.
Latest posts by EdmontonMama ( see all things to do Around Edmonton With the Kids This Weekend, October 19-21, 2018 - October 17, 2018 10 Places to Trick-or-Treat Indoors on Halloween in Edmonton, 2018 - October 17, 2018, dynamyx Gymnastics Halloween Event For Kids, October.Looking at the Simple Water Services Facebook page, I see they have used a couple of variations of the scratch card in the past.Basically, it is a marketing tactic used by a water treatment company who wants to sell expensive filtration systems.A phone number is stamped at the back of the card with an instruction to call them within 48 hours after the card has been received.Date, game, prize, sold 20 Gems Playbook 956 200,000, newstime Lottery Centre 1 Quick Bucks 200 10,000, swan Lotteries Kiosk 26 September 2018 3 Finders Keepers 458 50,000, kingfisher Newsagency 18 September 2018 5 Strike Gold 755 100,000.Always opt for honest and transparent companies who have nothing to hide.The sales lady said she will take the feedback back to the owner, so hopefully they spend their advertising dollars in the future on promoting their services, instead of giving false hope to people who believe they won something of value.EdmontonMama, things to do in and around YEG with the family.
Since my card has four 7 symbols lined up, an Apple iMac.5 computer valued at 1399 appears next.
However, the truth about the validity of this card is found at the back.
I asked if winners are announced somewhere to show the legitimacy of the advertising and she said yes, on the Facebook page, but upon looking there, it looks like there were about 3 winners over the lifetime of the company (which they said has been.So, I would stay far away from them and recycle the game card.When I called the number, a real person answered my call asking me to agree to a home demonstration of their product.Those who have gone through their product demonstration have complained about aggresive sales tactics.I have had salesmen demonstrating how my water is contaminated by performing a quick test in front.Four 7 symbols are likely to line up in one line, giving an indication that the recipient of the card has just won a prize.

The fine print states, All entrants must be homeowners and qualify for, and agree to, a homecare product presentation (no purchase required).