This 'secret potion' was then be passed on down through the generations.
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Scottish Heather Jewelry, heathergems creates stunning jewelry which perfectly blends the natural beauty of this famous plant with authentic metals such as silver and pewter.FTC Disclosure: If you make a purchase via a link on this site, I may receive a small commission.Just like any other Scottish symbol, the humble heather plant has it's fair share of legends attached.Heather Ale: A Galloway Legend The first few lines of Robert Louis Stevenson's poem go like this.The idea that white heather is lucky was popularised by the Victorians and their love of Scottish traditions.With all the rain we get north of the border it's one very happy little plant!He espied a piece of white heather, and jumped off to pick.Historically, heather beds were considered to be just as comfortable as feather beds because the dried stalks and flowers are so light and soft.In 1884 Queen Victoria herself wrote about her servant Mr Brown, who "espied a piece of white heather, and jumped off to pick.
Other interpretations include the more romantic notion that white heather grows over the final resting places of faeries, or the idea that in a country of many ancient battles, white heather grew on patches of ground where no blood had been shed.Although of course, it's a legend, so there's a bit of 'wiggle room' here!The Druids (understood to be an ancient order of Celtic priests) considered it a sacred plant.It's said that when Malvinas' tears fell onto the flowers in her hand, they immediately turned white, and this magical occurrence prompted her to say 'although it is the symbol of my sorrow, may the white heather bring good fortune to all who find.'.This brew was immortalized in the poem entitled 'heather ALE : A Galloway Legend' by Robert Louis Stevenson (see box on the right) It tells, in verse, the legend of the Pictish King who sacrificed both his life, and that of his son, to protect.These items are just a small sample of the full range of Heathergem jewelry.Today you can get mouth-watering Scottish heather honey, honey-jam and honey-marmalade, as well as tea with the same wonderful flavor.

To dye cloth - the beautiful color of highland heather was perfect for dying roughspun cloth and wool.
Although in lots of ways we Scots are a down-to-earth race, we're also surprisingly sentimental, emotional and superstitious.