Dont worry if some crystals fall to the bottom of your mixture, as nialaya discount code long as the top is all liquid and shaded the color youd like your lip balm to become, you are set.
(Please wear an oven mitt and do NOT let the kids do this portion of the activity or they will get burned.
I noticed that the Kool-Aid crystals pooled together at the bottom of our mixture particuarly the longer my mixture sat after we made it and before I scooped it in the lip pots.Just use traditional Vaseline and select a variety of Kool-Aid flavors to try out.For more inspiration on DIY Kool-Aid projects check out this site where you can upload your own creations too for a chance to win tickets to see and meet the boy band Big Time Rush.Our lip balm didnt smell bitter and honestly felt like normal Vaseline but smelled like Kool-Aid when we applied it so both Grape and Tropical Fruit flavored Kool Aid with a small amount of Vaseline (1/4 cup) seemed to be a great ratio for.What Ingredients You Need to Make Lip Gloss from Kool-Aid.Scoop out about 1/4 1/2 cup of Vaseline into a microwaveable safe dish.
The mixture from the bottom of our bowl, made for a brighter color, but who wants grainy vaseline on their lips.After I carefully removed the melted vaseline from the microwave I was able to instruct the kids to pour in our Kool-Aid mix to the Vaseline so they could still assist- I just didnt want them touching or stirring the hot liquid).If your mix turns out bitter smelling, this is an option to sweeten the scent.You want a traditional Vaseline lip gloss.Its totally fine for Mom, I just knew I had to be careful since I was dealing with a hot liquid.I think it is important to do this step quickly, before your Vaseline begins to solidfy again.Kids should NOT do this step at all and this entire activity requires adult supervision.These make cute party favors for little girls and are just a fun way to get busy and the creative fashion gift ideas for her in the kitchen using some regular household ingredients.Tips for Making Kool-Aid Lip Gloss.

You can pick up Vaseline or Equate store brand Petroleum Jelly and Kool-Aid at your local Walmart if you dont have any in stock at home.
You can use a bigger container, but I figured the kids adore the cute tiny containers and this way they could make a bunch and share them with friends.
Our 1st attempt using Grape Kool-Aid a taste that we adore did not look very pretty at all when mixed with our Vaseline base.