113 seemed a lot until I did the maths and realised this is about the number used in Australia every 4 seconds.
People love the way KeepCups look, feel and more importantly the positive environmental impacts they have in comparison to their one use disposable counterparts.
Many even end up in the ocean where they break up into small bits that marine life mistake for food, claiming countless lives.For more on the issue of coffee cups watch episode 3 of War on Waste.30pm on Tues 30 May on ABC and iview.Warm service, high standards and of course, how to craft the perfect espresso.Tell them about the issue, how they can be part of the solution and to register as a Responsible Cafe.And most never even make it there no matter what bin you put them in because recycling streams are usually contaminated by supposedly compostable or biodegradable cups and lids that never actually compost or biodegrade because most places dont have the infrastructure to.Last week, this is exactly what I did.If that's not enough to convince you many Cafes are starting to recognise the benefits and are passing savings onto those who bring their own cups!Chat with cafes close to where you work, get your office on board and challenge your colleagues to never use a disposable cup again.Main Menu, keepCups are easily the most well known and popular retail supplier of environmentally friendly Eco cups in Australia.By Justin Bonsey, founder of Responsible Cafes.
So after a many-thousand-kilometre treering discount code journey from forest to refinery to distributor to mouth, they are used for a few minutes and simply thrown away to remain in landfill for a thousand years to come.
It takes only 15 coffees for the.Cafe Milano was a great success and enabled Gino to move on to creating another Queensland first a silver service restaurant, also called Milanos, which would play host to such luminaries as Queen Elizabeth II and Pope John Paul.Get social and spread the message far and wide.From trees to oil to water to waste, these cups are quietly leaving their mark on Australian culture and the environment to the tune of 1 billion landfilled and littered every year.Every cup, every coffee, every day makes a difference.Bravely overlooking plastic bags tornado-ing through the streets in the jet stream of speeding taxis and cigarette butts teetering on the edge of storm drains, I counted 113 disposable coffee cups in 15 minutes; gripped protectively by cool cafe-goers, sipped in a hurry by folks.Cafes offer customers with BYO cups a small discount (usually 30-50c, some up to 1 off creating loyalty among anyone keen to save a cup or a buck, while coffee lovers get their fix for less.We can have these Printed and Branded however you like!It doesnt matter what it is a mug from home or the office, a fancy glass and cork cup even a glass jar with a lid will do the job.Responsible Cafes initiative, there are 450 cafes, 26 councils, dozens of environment and community groups, and countless volunteers all committed to spreading the BYO word.

This is why Promotional KeepCups are the perfect way to show your company cares!
The centrepiece of his cafe was a gleaming La San Marco espresso machine the very first of its kind in Queensland.
In 1950 Luigi set out to make a new life for his family inĀ Australia, starting in the cane fields of Mackay before moving to Brisbane in 1958.