Le général a rappelé que d'après la justice militaire, ce document était un faux.
a-t-il poursuivi, selon une retranscription par l'agence de presse Anatolie.
Finally, a clear provision should be added to lsat indicating that the Child Welfare Law should apply, without exception, to the children who are impeached within the scope of lsat.The trade union says that the ongoing accidents and iberostar voucher code 2017 best gift for a creative person deaths show that it is not enough for the Ministry of Labour to force shipyards to employ certified workers.Le vice-président de la Fédération, Lütfi Aribogan, met quant à lui en doute ses "talents" d'arbitre, estimant qu'en aucun cas il ne pouvait monter en Championnat national.The court also punished the organising committee members.Problems OF children WHO ARE exposed LAW ON struggle against terrorism.The Eskiehir governor's office banned gatherings, demonstrations, press statements and "similar activities" prior to the hearings.The congress delegates called on a civilian constitution that lifted any discrimination against the languages, cultures and identities of Kurds and other people, as well as demanding an end to the obstruction of democratic politics.
Dinçdag n'a pas perdu courage et envisage d'aller jusqu'au bout pour retourner sur les stades.Following the statement of the Mardin governor's office, the press reported the "killing of two mammoth hot springs gift shop terrorists".In, Aye Lebriz Berkem, Aye Nesligül Kzlrmak, Aye Noyan, Aye Önal, Aye Özdemir, Aye Özlem Kocabey, Aye Panu, Aye Sucu, Aye Tosuner, Aye Yamaç, Aye Yldrm, Aye Ylmaz, Ayegül Akdemir, Ayegül Akyaprakl, Ayegül Cebenoyan, Ayegül Deveciolu, Ayegül Gökçe, Ayegül Güryüksel, Ayegül Sönmez, Ayegül Sungur, Ayen.With the decree, we experienced a second killing, a second shock." He added that the family was considering an appeal to the European Court of Human Rights (echr).Before all, this is a very important junevile issue.For the first time in Turkey, the delegation also visited two social welfare institutions.Des allocutions sont prévues devant quelque.000 invités, dont 200 anciens combattants américains.According to the THV report, the data and anecdotal evidence show that the police uses disproportionate or extreme force, maltreatment and torture when stopping and searching people, asking for ID, carrying out crime-prevention operations, transporting people or detaining them.

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