Have the broker show you a brochure that contains the answer. .
More expensive driver penalty points, hike the cost of driver penalty points and driver risk points by 40 per cent over two years for drivers with multiple serious convictions like excessive spending, distracted driving and impaired driving.
Seniors, of course, would argue that they need a discount because of a fall in income.He called for my advice about qualifying for icbcs seniors rate classification, which comes with a 25 premium reduction.In fact, it's the only growing cohort in icbc's customer base.Among the options the government is proposing: Free crashes: Allowing only one free at-fault crash (a crash that does not change your insurance premiums) after 20 years of accident free driving, booker prize criteria instead of the current 13 years.It is the brokers job to know answers to coverage questions. .Article continues below, the proposals involve significant changes to how drivers at fault in a crash are penalized under the current system of basic and optional auto insurance, as well as how many crashes are allowed without penalty, the time it takes to regain insurance.
For drivers 40 to 65 years old, their share fell from.5 per cent in 2010.8 per cent in 2014.
The question of whether or not to continue that seniors discount, McCandless said, is ultimately a political one, just as the decision to quit offering insurance for luxury vehicles was a political decision and that move was an infinitely more picayune and ineffectual one when it comes.Get the answers in writing. .One conviction of a serious offence, such as distracted driving, would result in an optional insurance hike.Owners would get hit with a more significant fee if they didnt list the driver and that person resides with the owner such as their son or daughter.You can bet your bottom dollar, though, that the insurance company will investigate after the fact, if there is a big enough insured loss, whether or not you complied with the restrictions of your rate class or whether you were indeed a non-smoker.With the repeal of mandatory retirement, and the fact that more and more of us are working well past that age, three score years and five is no longer a finish line, its not even relevant as a measurement of what it means to be senior.Combined with the declining proportion of young drivers purchasing insurance, icbc will be required to raise basic rates higher than would be the case in the absence of these social trends.It will be as if you never purchased the insurance in the first place. .A couple examples: Its apparently okay to drop your 18 year old granddaughter off at school, but not okay to drop her off at the Burger King where she works; You can drive yourself to a part-time educational course, but only up discount world lakewood wa to six times.Extend the additional discount rates for optional insurance customers who reach 20 years of safe driving, to up to 40 years of discounts.

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