hut rewards program

Hut Rewards does a phenomenal job at providing value to both the consumer and the brand through a great selection of rewards, premium branded content, and unlimited points earning.
Being the largest pizza company in the US, Pizza Hut needs a strong retention madewell coupon code november 2017 strategy to maintain its number one spot.
From the types of rewards to how points are earned, all of these elements are important in their own way.EU Data Subject Requests.The restaurant plans to enhance and grow the program with personalized offers and coupons that will be available in an online wallet.Weve talked about Piece of the Pie Rewards quite a bit in the past, mostly because its name is such a great example of a creative rewards program name.There are a lot of factors that make the difference between a stellar rewards program and a not so stellar one.Lets find out why.The Hut Rewards program gives customers one point for every eligible pizza they order.Once customers rack up five points, theyre able to redeem them for a a free medium two-topping pizza.You can find much more information about your privacy choices in our privacy policy.Hut Rewards explainer page goes above the call of duty, even placing a brief video on their program page to make it nice and easy to get an idea of what the program is all about.Pizza Huts Explainer Page Provides More Value.
It is different from other frequency-based programs like Dominos because it requires one less purchase to unlock the reward five versus six.
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Piece of the Pie rewards is missing the opportunity to thank those fans, get them to keep coming back, and encourage them to buy more Dominos.You want the program to resonate with your customers and act cohesively with your brand instead of feeling like a tacked-on afterthought.A Pizza must cost over 10 before taxes for the order to eligible to earn a point.Pizza Hut 2 : Domino's.So despite both of them having a decent rewards program and pretty delicious pizza, the next time Im thrown into the pizzeria debate, Ill be fighting in Pizza Huts corner.

Piece of the Pies Branding is More Creative Than Hut Rewards.
Both programs are actually so well equipped that they made it into our top 10 rewards programs of 2017.
Hut Rewards Offers Significantly More Rewards and Benefits.