how to win checkers in 3 moves

Try to crown as many pieces as possible to increase your chances of winning the game.
To use "Redirect Your Enemy you will need to designate 6 pieces on one side of your board as group A and the other 6 on the other side as group.
In the basic scenario described, this is an unexciting 1-for-1 trade.Think carefully before capturing an available piece.In this case, a discount code for cubicle us useful thing to do can be walking another one of your checkers to the opposite side of the opposing checker, forcing a capture.15 Community Q seed savers promo code A Search Add New Question Question Can normal pieces kill the long?"Checkers computer becomes invincible." msnbc.Related HowStuffWorks Articles, sources, avedon, Elliot.As long as you have a back row, you have a final line of defense to prevent your opponent from crowning a piece.Keep Your Back Row Intact, as long as possible, dont move your back row.If you press forward with a few checkers at once, your advancing force will be much more powerful.It's obvious that trading one of your checkers for two of your opponent's checkers benefits you, but even trading one for one is useful if you had more checkers to begin with."International Checker World Records." Eric's International Draughts and Checkers Site.
For this reason, you might appreciate these tips for how to win.
3 4 "Following" a piece you moved earlier before you move it again will leave your front piece less open to capture.
This may not seem like a big deal, but if you can trade four pieces, you suddenly have a 4-3 advantage, which is a tremendous amount of power.Dont Charge, although the temptation to crown a checkers piece as quickly as possible is pretty alluring, it wont do you any good if you decimate the rest of your pieces on the way.There are numerous strategies and play styles to consider.Question Can a single checker jump a king?You can then advance a checker in front of this bridge, and your line of checkers will protect your advancing checker from capture.You may need to practice with a different opponent.Yes, according to most rules.But sometimes it can even be worth sacrificing for position.