It's always a good gifts for ballerinas idea to reuse boxes whenever possible as long as they are in good condition.
Check out the video above to see my tips on how to pack beer and ship.Stores like FedEx and UPS sell them at a much higher markup.If a box is leaking liquids, it will get pulled by the shipping company and you'll be out all that beer.This is my typical assortment of shipping materials.They are available in various formats and molds depending on how many beers you're shipping.Automate your payments, get discounts on shipping (sometimes do package your beer before you get to the shipping place.Start to layout the beer in the most efficient way to eliminate movement and maintain a snug fit.Tip: Purchase your shipping supplies through m or at a larger retailer in bulk.It's free and comes loss of grandchild gift with lots of great tools and resources to help make trading easier and more enjoyable.Inform yourself before you show up with a box, not after).
Use Shipping Containers When asking BEX users for their packing and shipping tips, many mentioned purchasing molded shipping containers (many times advertised for shipping wine).
I like boxes around these sizes.Sending beer without a license is against shipping companies' policies, so any trading you do is at your own risk.However I've come to learn this is a good process for those getting started.Electrical tape : This is somewhat optional but good.Start to layer in your bottles and cans.Wrap some electrical tape around bottle caps to prevent them from getting caught and popping off/springing a leak.For larger bottles, I typicaly use small garbage bags finish line yeezy raffle blue tint in lieu of the Ziploc bags.

I'm very careful when I ship so I probably use more than most, but I find people still go through this bubble wrap pretty quickly.
You might be surprised how common beer trading and beer shipping really.