So whats the best way to play?
What the numbers reveal, this year, McDonalds says 136,634,083 tickets will be distributed across the fastfood giants restaurants, and lists the maximum number of prizes available.Were not responsible for the policies and practices of other companies, so we always recommend that you have a look at the privacy policy and other policies of any website you visit, as they might be different from ours.But for those who prefer to play fair, what are your chances of actually snaring a prize?Given elizabeth arden red door aura gift set each ticket has a 12-digit code you can enter into the app to see if youve won a prize, a cheeky idea might be to enter random codes to see if you can guess a winning number.McDonalds says there is a one-in-five chance of winning an instant prize, which could either be a food prize or a non-food prize.Given you could become tens of thousands of dollars richer by simply going on a Maccas run, McDonalds Monopoly games have in the past been subject to cheating and a multimillion-dollar scandal.If you wanted to increases your chance of randomly picking a valid ticket code to roughly 4 (still a very slim chance!
Some people say you.I'm collecting mcdonalds monopoly vouchers and i have a little bit of a query.McDonalds says one in five, or 20, of Chance tickets will result in an instant win.So the probability of entering a random 12-digit code into the app and having it recognised as a valid ticket code is given by: 136,634,083 3512).There are 3,415,852 Chance tickets available, so you have roughly.5 chance of getting a Chance ticket with your purchase.Collecting five tickets does not mean that one of them will always be an instant win ticket.

Expired, found 30th Mar 2009, i noticed that Mcdonald's monopoly is on again, I was chatting with my OH and we both came to the conclusion that we have never won nor do we know anyone who has ever won anything more than a Big.