Trump's white wave, image copyright Getty Images.
To win the election, a candidate must win an absolute majority of electors.
He beat them all.
Why are certain states 'key battlegrounds'?The Republicans currently hold a majority in both the Senate and House.Mr Trump built a throne of skulls out of his Republican primary opponents.No one, however, captured it more than Trump, and it won him the White House.They said he wouldn't win any primaries, then he did.Subsidized eggs and frozen chickens may help to explain why President Nicolás Maduro stayed in power.These are sometimes called battleground or swing states.Here are five ways he pulled off what was unexpected by most and incomprehensible to many.That left Mrs Clinton's blue firewall, and the firewall was eventually breached.Capturing the electoral votes of just one or two of these states can be enough win sydney easter show tickets 2017 to tip a candidate over the 270 needed to win.
Teflon Donald, image copyright Getty Images, mr Trump insulted decorated war veteran John McCain.
They said he wouldn't win the Republican nomination, then he did.It's all the news that's fit to watch.In the final days of the campaign, however, the reality is that the polls were close enough that Mr Trump had a pathway to victory.Both states give two votes to the winner of the state-wide popular vote.Yes, particularly if the election is very close.