When you sign up to be a Local Guide, every contribution helps you rack up points towards unlocking other elements of the message egg gifts service inside.
Leaving a rating for a place will now pay out a single point, where it gave no points before.
The same goes for fact-checking things that other contributors have said about places.
Now, Local Guides will get real, better rewards.As you level up, however, the rewards become more substantial.Local guides who earn that badge can get three free months of Google Play Music All Access, as well as a 75-percent discount on a movie rental from Google Play, so long as those openskies promo code things are normally available in their country.Learn more about, local Guides points and levels.Badge Type, badge Name, requirement, novice Reviewer, review 3 places.Google has also added five new levels to Local Guides, in addition to adding badges for those who are heavy contributors.With the new update, Google updated its Local Guide level system.Note: As a Local Guide, you can move up in levels when you earn more points.Earlier this year, Google Maps added Local Guides, a feature that rewarded heavy contributors to Maps reviews and content with a nifty profile.
Collect points to increase your level and get.Sign up to be a Local Guide and get points for contributing content to Google Maps.Google did not announce any other new rewards, but given that there are now five more possible levels for local guides, extra incentives may be introduced in the near future. .Furthermore, there are a few new ways to earn points to get up to those levels, and some of the methods that gave points before will now yield more points than they used.Add 50 approved places, novice Fact Finder, suggest 3 approved edits.

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